In a world of scalable efficiency, great leaders have all the answers. In a world of scalable learning, great leaders have the best questions. – John Hagel

Decision-Making Systems And Leadership Coaching For The Crypto Industry

Whether you’re a young manager who has just raised several million dollars or a seasoned executive, you’ve probably already found out that managing a decentralized foundation or blockchain company leads to new challenges:

 How do you make decisions as a team?
 How do you set up bounty programs and staking tokens to get the outcomes you want?
 How do you handle intercultural teams that have never met one another in person?

Leadership in the 21st century involves teams worldwide, millennial (and younger) workers, and leadership in a century where “telling people what to do” no longer produces outcomes.

We provide a variety of tools, workshops, books, and one-to-one mentoring packages that are designed to leverage the values of decentralization and create effective decision-making and execution team.

DAO Leadership is staffed by experienced leaders with knowledge in for-profit and non-profit. As the authors of the first leadership handbook for the crypto industry, we are the people to turn to for mentoring and coaching. We’re so sure we can help, we’re offering you a free 45-minute coaching session. This isn’t a consultation where we tell you how we can help. It’s a session where you bring us a problem and we promise to give you new insights and actions to take. Get your free session by just choosing a time below.

Tokenomics and Governance

DAO Leadership partner Grace Rachmany presents utility, security, and asset-backed tokens, and why combinations of these don’t really work. The talk was presented at the Dubai Bitcoinme conference in June 2018. Please contact us directly at or to have us speak at your event.

Handbook for Distributed and Connected Leadership 1.0

So, you’ve got a DAO…

Raising funds was just the start. Now you need to manage the different interests in your organization. In this handbook, we cover the mindset, the skillset, and the communication skills every leader needs in this new world of DAO. We also speak about merit-based staking and how to instill a culture of leadership and responsibility throughout the organization.

Leadership Workshops

DAO leadership is a new discipline. How do you create an organizational culture where people take responsibility? How can you lead when you aren’t “the boss”? Our workshops explore these topics in small groups (up to 8 people) of DAO leaders and founders. The workshops provide tools and boost each individual’s leadership skills during a 2-day interactive coaching and training session.

The Book

So, You’ve Got a DAO is the first training manual available specifically designed for leaders of DAOs. We’ve including topics such as how to create a merit-based decision-making system, how to align people on values as well as outcomes, and the fundamental personal skills that leaders must master. Get a sneak peek by writing to us at or sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when the published version is available.


Heirarchical organizations came with a specific mindset, but in today’s world we need to lead, not manage. Managers need to be transparent, authentic, and responsible… but what does that mean? Close the gap in your own mindset.

Management skills

Perhaps you’ve done some management training or managed a smaller company. Or, perhaps you just raised10K ETH and you have never managed anything larger than a 5 person dev team. Get the skills you need or bolster your existing management skills.


Communication is the foundation of everything in your organization. In a world where most of us have presentation skills training but none of us have listening skils training, clashes are inevitable. But in a DAO, you can’t make anyone do anything. Learn to implement advanced communications skills in your organization.

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